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Welcome to Tru, the only hot yoga studio in the beautiful city of St.Thomas. We have created a studio environment that is modern, physically accessible to all, and environmentally sound. Our studio is a safe environment which is welcoming and encourages the attainment of personal goals and improvements. Tru is a studio that allows you, the yogi, to be embraced within a community of fellow yogis looking to experience wellness of the mind, body and spirit. It is our goal at Tru Hot Yoga that you feel welcomed, inspired and encouraged to reach heights you never thought possible.

Our instructors are central to the Tru Hot Yoga experience. Each instructor will guide you through your practice by bringing their own experiences and training to the hot room. They have a passion to teach and are motivated by the students that fill their classes. Regardless of skill level, prior experience, or flexibility all are welcome to experience hot yoga at Tru. You will be guided to recognize your ability and potential while being respectful and considerate of your body and mind. We hope that you come and discover your Tru potential. Let us help you to integrate your mind, body and spirit in ways that inspire you to be the best you can be.